When you’re an urban warrior, life never stops. There are coffees to order, bars to attend, gym sessions to smash, good-looking people to impress. And let’s face it, most shorts just can’t handle the pace. Aren’t we all sick of shorts that can’t take us where we want to go. We’re sick of them falling down and riding up. We’re sick of washing day. And most of all, we’re sick of having to get changed all the time. Surely getting dressed once a day is enough to expect of a man. But we didn’t want to whinge. We wanted a solution. That’s why theye created the world’s first Non-Stop Shorts.  Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Credit card? Check. With Non-slip self-sealing hidden pocket bags, there are places to put all your essentials. The fine details are the heart of our products and they are what we spend most of our time on. We designed the perfect solution to stash your stuff and you can be wallet free.



  • Phone pocket

  • Card pocket

  • Key pocket

  • Back pocket

  • Available in 3 different colors ( Manson Black, Cobain Blue & Redford Red)

  • Mid Length

  • Knee Grazer


Pre – Order | $62