SOMNOVA is the world’s first smart anti-snoring mat to help you stop snoring by changing your sleeping position, and it can also do an acupoint massage to help you enjoy a better sleep. It is comfortable and non-invasive compared with wearable devices, such as masks, dentures, or nose strips . It is also the most effective way to enjoy the high-quality sleep.


Two Ways To Use It

Method 1: Use the Inflatable Mat Only (Place the inflatable mat under the bed sheet.  If your sleeping position is consistent, the mat blends seamlessly with your bed and you won’t even notice it’s their.)

Method 2: Use the Inflatable Mat with Cloth (Wear the cloth cover and place the mat on the top of your bed sheet.  if you have multiple sleeping positions, this method allows more freedom and convenience for you to change position of the mat at any time.)

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