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Your personal gym for fitness at home, office, or on the go. The DoubleFlex Black is powered by their patented SpiraFlex resistance technology used to keep NASA astronauts in shape on the International Space Station.  World’s only exercise device that applies resistance to both sides of muscle groups in one motion, building a balance body in less time.

Combining strength with movement, without weight or momentum, our portable gym is a new approach to functional fitness.

The DoubleFlex Black is the “professional grade” second generation, featuring more resistance, additional cable extension and folds up to fit in your pocket or carry bag. Engineered for durability and long life.

Make the commitment to fit fitness into your lifestyle!




What makes the DoubleFlex Black different than other fitness products like free-weights and resistance bands?

Free-weights work great but are not portable, and trying to control momentum can cause joint pain. Resistance bands produce progressive resistance (like rubber bands), which means the muscle is only fully activated at the end of the movement.

SpiraFlex resistance is smooth and linear like free-weights, without the weight or momentum. SpiraFlex FlexPacks rated at 5 and 10 lbs. snap onto the DoubleFlex Black, providing up to 20 lbs. of smooth resistance (feels like more, as you can’t use momentum like weights), yet the entire unit weighs less than 2 lbs.

The DoubleFlex Black is the only device that provides abduction and adduction resistance during a single exercise movement, building a balanced body more efficiently. Also, since the DoubleFlex does not use gravity, a much wider range of functional exercises is possible in all planes of movement.

Whether you are an athlete or just beginning to exercise, the DoubleFlex Black can help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals wherever you are. No excuses!



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