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Trying to remember dozens of passwords. Filling out personal information form over and over again. Typing in long website addresses. And that’s just the painful stuff.

What about the REAL risks of storing your personal and financial information “on the cloud?” Is that really where you want keep this information? That’s kind of dangerous.

With Qkey, you can start to take back control of your own privacy and security on the web. That’s why we’re introducing Qkey.


  • SMART: Qkey eliminates the need for you to remember all your passwords and login access to all your secure web accounts.
  • SIMPLE: Qkey provides a rich, uniform online experience anywhere you go. Simply insert the Qkey, enter a single password, shop like you always do, choose a card from the digital wallet, then tap the Qkey to pay.
  • SECURE: Qkey uses three levels of security to secure online payments: A Smart Chip—the same chip used on the new payment cards, military grade encryption, and a physical touch sensor.
  • VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE: Qkey is compatible with most all existing websites, with a single access logon to instantly log you into all your password-protected web accounts. And like your keys and cards, when not in use, they are off the grid and in your pocket.

Pre – Order | $79