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Did you know that the U.S. generates an average of 21 billion pounds of textile waste that ends up in landfills each year? That is about 70 lbs per person! 

OSOM BRAND SOCKS were created to eliminate clothing and textile waste in order to close the loop in the fashion industry. They use clean technology to produce the most amazing upcycled yarns and create a premium, sustainable, zero waste, zero water, upcycled OSOM SOCKS.

They are determined to improve global fashion one pair of socks at a time! 


No Water. No Dyes. No Toxins. No Thank You! They do not treat their upcycled fabrics/yarns with dyes or other toxins such as Formaldehyde and heavy metals commonly found in clothing and that is dumped into our waterways, rivers and oceans. Every year 57 billion pounds of toxic waste are dumped into local waterways, endangering water supply, local communities and health of our world’s oceans.


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