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Sleep Heals You

…but your bedding is fighting back. Filled with illness-bearing bacteria, your bed is covered with allergens, acting as a feeding ground for pathogens. We’re taking sleep back.

29 Linens are the most comfortable and effective self-cleaning bed sheets on the market. Period. Our soft and creatively constructed sheets are interwoven with advanced copper ion technology. The copper performs two functions; Destroys bad bacteria and prevents future pathogen growth.

Benefits of Copper

Copper is incredibly useful. Optimized for its thermal and electrical conductive properties, Copper is also Oligodynamic (yeah, it’s a real word). NO microorganisms have developed a resistance to copper, which is why it has been used for centuries to disinfect liquids, solids and even human tissue. In fact, copper has been used in the health, hospitality, and cosmetic industries for decades. Surgeons, Chefs… And now you!


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