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LOVE maintains the intimacy and quality of vinyl records but adds modern day smart features, while keeping the crackles & pops.  The LOVE turntable reads vinyl records with a traditional stylus, connects to Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, and can be controlled by its app.

Getting started is easy, simply place LOVE on top of its record base and it'll do the rest.


  • Listen with ease. Place any size record on the LOVE turntable record base to scan the vinyl and determine speed. For example if you want to listen to track 3: You can start playing your record by either pressing LOVE’s top shell three times or selecting the track through the app.
  • LOVE’s smartphone app allows you to play, pause, skip tracks, repeat tracks, select rpm speeds, adjust the volume & display the album cover.
  • LOVE connects to speakers, headphones, receivers, multi-room systems and more wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and directly via 3.5mm cord or RCA Bluetooth adapter. 



Pre – Order | $319

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