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Multitask like a pro.  PerchiT gives you the coolest multi-monitor setup ever!
Easily clip your phone on your laptop. It’s super-fun and a muliti-taskers dream come true.  There are endless ways to use the perchiT but here are a few popular ways to use it:

  • Record lectures/classes, presentations, demonstrations, observations, and meetings while typing notes on your laptop.
  • Watch a game, the news, or a tv show while you’re working on your laptop.
  • Add a second screen to enhance your productivity.  If you travel, work in coffee shops, and need a second screen while working. PerchiT + Laptop coupled with a software solution like Duet Display, Air Display, iDisplay or Splashtop can improve your workflow!
  • Enjoy eye-level FaceTime video chats, monitor your social media feeds, iMessage with family, or even host a live recording session with friends from afar.


A mobile second screen for your laptop


perchiT + Sibme's synced notes on iOS and Android

What Exactly Is perchiT?

PerchiT is your new best friend.  You can take it with you wherever you go.  It improves workflow and productivity for students and professionals on the go.  The perchiT spring-loaded clips expand and contract to fit most laptop screens using rubber-coated clips that protect your screen from scratches.  The ball and socket provide extra mobility, allowing you to find the perfect angle as you record video or view the smartphone screen.

Dual monitors with perchiT

Conference call?


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