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Screwdrivers that utilize interchangeable hex bits are incredibly useful but let’s be real, actually carrying a screwdriver with a full-length grip in our pockets as an EDC (everyday carry) item is a big deal breaker.

So over the past 10 months, they completely redesigned one that would comfortably fit in our pocket and go virtually unnoticed until it’s needed. Allowing us to do more and carry less.

Full Grip Design

The Bit Bar™ features a full-sized handle and the ability to conveniently store, access, and customize the bits to meet virtually any situation. The titanium versions are CNC milled from a solid block of aerospace grade 5 titanium. It’s a very time-consuming and expensive process but we wanted to make something exceptional that could be passed down for many generations to come.

Full-Sized Handled Screwdrivers Comparison

2 Titanium Options & 1 Fiberglass Reinforced Option


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