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Designed with science in mind and crafted using amazing laws of physics Moondrop seemingly defies gravity and let’s you explore the free fall on the Mars and Moon. Whether you are a fidgeter, science enthusiast or just love cool gadjets you will enjoy playing around with it.

1.You are a Fidgeter. Just like us you always love to hold something in your hand and of course- spin it, roll it, slide it, click it and fidget around in any way possible. The ”anti-gravity” slider makes it very satisfying to play with Moondrop. We found fidgeting a great way to keep focus, not get destracted from meaningful works, relieve anxiety or just relax.

2.You are an explorer or science enthusiast.  Moondrop is a pretty cool way to learn about amazing physics laws and science facts in our Universe and share them with others. It is much more exciting to actually see and feel the process instead of only hearing theory and numbers. People are amazed by the gravity defying movements and they get even more interested after hearing the idea behind Moondrop.

3.You love cool gadjets. We do too 😉

4.You like to amaze your friends. Give them unique present and show how objects fall on the Moon.

5.You are into high quallity stuff. Moondrop is CNC machined from Aerospace grade aluminium and pure copper with precision up to 0.001 mm.

6.Plan on going to the Moon? Well, you should try it’s gravity first…


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