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The Pebby pack comes complete with the Pebby™ Ball (with your choice of EASYfix™ magnetic caps so you can customize the look of your Pebby) , PebbyKennel™ charging dock, PebbyCollar™ motion sensor collar,  and, of course, the Pebby app, free to download off iTunes or GooglePlay store.

Pebby is a ball on mission to keep you and your pet together even when you’re not physically there.  Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, the Pebby system’s remote controlled ball allows owners to watch, interact, and capture their pet’s cutest moments in real time. A wide-angle fisheye lens feature gives you an optimal view of all the cute things you might have missed while you were away, as well as records, snaps, and shares images and video at the touch of a button.

Time to get back to work? Turn on the Auto-Play function and let Pebby go wild, entertaining Rover while you get back to business. Cats can also play with a specially designed pet and human safe laser, which, as you know, is irresistible for every kitty worth his whiskers!



No time to play with your pet? No problem! With the Auto-Play mode, you can simply turn it on and let Pebby go crazy to give your pets a fun, active and entertaining time! And not forgetting all the cat lovers out there, they have specifically designed a pet (and human) safe built in laser to make our feline friends go nuts. Watch the snippet of our Kickstarter video below to see Pebby’s built-in laser in action!