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Perfect Posture Instantly

The ERGO lifts and holds your body in proper spinal alignment by supporting you mid-back vertebrae, ergonomically preventing you from slouching. Wear it for 1 – 6 hours a day to improve and strengthen posture. Stretch with it throughout the day to relieve neck, back and shoulder pain.


What You Can Expect

  • Effortlessly sit up straight at your computer
  • Relieve excess strain off your back, neck and shoulders
  • Improve balance and equilibrium
  • Rapidly gain stronger, confident and more attractive posture
  • Unleash more energy and core power

The Ergo does all the work! It holds your body in the 4 Positions of Proper Posture making proper alignment effortless.


How it Works

The ERGO scientifically improves your center of gravity by using a patented support cushion design that triggers a spinal righting reflex.

  • Posture Pivot Point supports the mid-back vertebrae adjusting them into the correct alignment, rebalancing the head on top of the shoulders.


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