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The Trailhead is made with only the highest quality fabrics and our highest attention to detail. The fabric for the outer membrane is a nylon ripstop / 4 way stretch spandex blend focusing on the water resistance, durability, and stretch. The inner combed membrane allows for comfort and breathability. Every stitch on the Trailheads has been reinforced and secured to make sure they don’t unravel or fall apart. Using flat felled seams where others use basic stitching allows for the most durable pant we can build. The pockets are made from a synthetic silk so you can feel the most comfortable and feel the least resistance in your activities. The ankle drawstrings allow for ultimate versatility while wearing your Trailheads. Whether you need pants, shorts, or capri cut the Trailhead is ready for your next adventure.


Just like all the other seams on the Trailhead we paid close attention to the crotch stitching and construction. We’ve had enough pairs of pants blow out to understand some things just needed to be constructed better. We started with a special crotch gusset giving more flexibility and stretch to the crotch area. We noticed the fabric was more durable than the stitching, so we added the same strong flat felled seams from legs to the crotch to strengthen the Trailheads to the fullest. We’re confident these innovations along with our revolutionary fabric will create the highest quality built outdoor pant you’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.


The adjustable leg openings of the Trailhead pants are easily adjustable for increased performance while fishing, biking, or anywhere else shortening or securing the pant can come in handy.


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