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What makes Boolsa Special

Even if you are separated from your bag temporarily, you can arm the Boolsa ’s security alarm via the app: with a touch of a button, you’ll know if someone moves or tries to open your bag.


When wearing the Boolsa Backpack on your back, the bus, or the subway, you can activate this mode to receive a notification or sound an alert if someone tries to disturb the contents of your bag or the bag itself.


All of Boolsa’s awesome security features can be armed or disarmed automatically — by your presence! All you have to do is simply be within range of your Boolsa Backpack.


Built-in 10,000 mA battery with no-hassle cable holder. Using a chipset from world-renowned Texas Instruments, the device has over 10 types of protection for the circuitry, making it perfect for on-the-go use and with enough capacity to charge an iPhone7 over 3.5x times.


In an emergency, pressing the panic button will sound the alarm and an SOS message with your location info will be sent to your designated emergency contact.


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