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The Voyage Pillow’s unique design features a unique construction that combines a comfortable microbead pillow with a multi-purpose poly/spandex tapered band. This signature spandex band allows for extreme versatility when finding that perfect sleeping position.

Microbead Pillow & Multi-Purpose Band

Microbead Pillow & Multi-Purpose Band

The overall design of Voyage Pillow packs in numerous beneficial features while maintaining it’s compact and minimal form factor.

Product Features of the Voyage Pillow
Product Features of the Voyage Pillow
  • Microbead Pillow: Thousands of tiny microbeads fill the Voyage Pillow to adapt to any sleeping position for a custom and comfortable rest
  • Multi-Purpose Band: Attached at each end of the pillow, the multi-purpose band allows you to use the Voyage Pillow in endless possible ways for a comfortable rest
  • Tapered Eye Mask: Block out unwanted light over your eyes when sleeping with the low profile tapered design
  • Poly/Spandex Fabric: Fit almost every head size with the stretchy spandex exterior fabric
  • 2.5oz Light Weight: At only 2.5oz, you’ll almost forget that you even have the Voyage Pillow in your luggage
  • Soft Plush Fabric: Enjoy the softest plush fabric across the interior of the Voyage Pillow
  • Compact Design: Save the space in your luggage with the Voyage Pillow’s compared to a traditional U-Shape travel pillow


Traditional travel pillows are bulky and take up far too much precious space in your luggage. The Voyage Pillow is designed to allow you to maximize the available space within your luggage when packing either a carry-on or checked bag.

Pack your Voyage Pillow before you head out the door


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