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The Sustainable Apparel vision is of an apparel brand that produces no unnecessary environmental harm and has a positive impact on the people and communities associated with its activities.  Their super soft shirts are made in the US from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Their goal is to revolutionize the apparel industry one shirt at a time!




Each of Last Bottle Clothing’s shirts consists of, on average, thirteen 500mL recycled plastic bottles. The plastic used for the shirts is crushed into tiny pellets, melted and woven into polyester thread and then knitted into a lightweight jersey knit fabric. Fabric is then cut into patterns, and sewn into 100% recycled shirts. The process not only reduces plastic pollution and fossil fuel use, but also eliminates much of the need for freshwater and known pesticides/ fertilizers associated with natural and organic cottons. The finished product is a lightweight, breathable t-shirt that uses 500 times less water than a traditional cotton shirt.



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