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  • Over 20 times smaller than a towel rack
  • Dry 2 times faster than any ordinary towel holder
  • Helps reduce bacterial growth caused by moisture
  • Can be used as curtain holder 
  • Holds up to 10 scarves! NO SLIDING, NO WRINKLES, and NO DENTS
  • No tools required for fast and easy installation!
  • Can be placed in areas where you’d never put a towel rack
  • Made from 18 natural wood species (see wood species selection below)


Dry 2 X faster

The main concept of Ruggy is the marble that holds the towel at a pin point. This technique allows the weight of the towel to hang free, while airing out the moisture captured in the towel. Ruggy allows more air to flow through the entire towel, causing the towel to dry twice faster than using a towel rack.




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