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Each of the elements feel totally different from one another.

  • Iron – It’s density immediately makes it feel super heavy compared to say, aluminum or titanium. This material alloyed with a little bit of carbon, makes steel which is nearly twice as strong as aluminum.
  • Copper – Slightly more dense than iron, yet almost twice as weak. This material shines in it’s thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Aluminum – Lightweight, yet strong. This material is extremely popular for applications where lightweight strength is needed.
  • Titanium – The most ‘exotic’ of the bunch. This material is often used in lightweight applications where aluminum just isn’t strong enough.

Calipers Measuring the Cubes

How pure are the cubes?

All the cubes are greater than or approximately equal to 90% purity.

  • “Fe” is low-carbon steel (~96% pure Iron).
  • “Al” is 6061 aerospace grade aluminum (96-98% pure aluminum).
  • “Ti” is aerospace grade Ti-6-4 titanium (~90% titanium).
  •  “Cu” is C110 (~99% copper).