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The Jül™ is a heated mug which keeps hot beverages at your perfect drinking temperature for as long as it takes you to enjoy every last drop.  Traditional mugs and paper cups cool too quickly, giving you only a few minutes in that perfect temperature range. Insulated mugs keep your drink dangerously hot for hours. The Jül is the best of both worlds: it looks and feels like your favorite tumbler but cools quickly to your desired temperature and stays there.


There’s nothing like the perfect sip of coffee; not too hot, not too cold, full of flavor and body–completely satisfying. Unfortunately, those perfect sips aren’t as common as we’d like.

With a quick twist, the Jül lets you control your preferred drinking temperature with precision and maintains it while on it’s USB-connected coaster.

The patent-pending technology inside the Jül knows the temperature of your drink and tells you when it’s just right, while the integrated heating system will ensure it stays there.


Pre – Order | $45