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Imagine controlling your favorite video games and devices with simple intuitive hand gestures. That time has arrived and the future is now. CaptoGlove is the world’s first wireless wearable motion controller for PC, Mobile and Smart Devices. Take control with nature’s perfect interface: your hand.



As a wearable motion controller for video games, CaptoGlove delivers a unique and immersive experience on a wide variety of platforms and genres including first person shooters, flight sims, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile games and more!

PC Gaming

  • Compatible with all past, present, and future PC games right out of the box
  • Use intuitive hand gestures to replace keyboard, mouse, and peripheral functions
  • Fully customize one or a pair of CaptoGloves to control a wide variety of different inputs
  • Download pre-set configuration profiles for immediate use or create your personal one
  • More immersive, improves response time and adds unparalleled realism

Pre – Order | $160