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Own a Premium, Hand-Assembled Watch for a Fair Price

How much should you pay for style?

If you’re like us, you’re tired of the answer to that question being “thousands of dollars.”

Allow them to introduce The Eagle Pilot Watch. Their flagship timepiece, it’s inspired by the rugged masterpieces of the world’s greatest fighter pilots. It has the best materials, a hand-assembled construction, and an affordable price.  A comparable pilot watch would cost you just under a thousand dollars, and that’s if you have a buyer’s eye. But, we can bring you The Eagle for a fair price.

Domed Sapphire Crystal

While a cheap flat mineral crystal is often used to save costs when creating a watch, they elected to use something far superior. The Eagle features a Domed Sapphire Crystal over its case, the same type of crystal used by the watch industry’s elite companies.

Domed Sapphire will naturally resist the scratches and fractures that can occur from daily use. It’s a luxurious look that can handle even the most intense lifestyle.

Luminous Dial

Illuminate your life regardless of how long your shift at work is, or how great your night becomes, time never stops moving.

Their luminous dial lets you keep track of time no matter what your plans are. Feel free to stay out late with your friends, wake up before the sun, and live your life. The Eagle lights your way.

316L 42 MM Stainless Steel Case

The finest steel must go through the hottest fire.

They opted for a 316L stainless steel construction for a perfect blend of comfort and durability in The Eagle’s case. It has a low carbon makeup that keeps your skin free of any irritations that cheaper watches can cause. The case itself is scratch and corrosion resistant, so you can take it on your roughest rides.

Pre – Order | $149