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Have you ever wondered how hygienically safe your towel is? It really is worth thinking about, because right now, hundreds of bacteria are dancing hula hoop on your towels. This might sound amusing, but in all seriousness, who wants Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Staphylococcus, Salmonella on their skin?

Sure, the immune system can handle most of these annoying jackasses, but if there was an easy way to limit the amount of bacteria on your skin, wouldn’t you do it? With Temkho, they introduce a way to keep those little guys at bay.

The secret is charcoal. The towels are infused with charcoal powder, which has a strong antibacterial effect. The result of this creation is significantly less harmful microbes, fungi and infections. A better smelling towel every day!

A successful process

Although the market is full of many different towels, they believe that they have created an even  better one. Charcoal gives Temkho an extraordinary effect that is unmatched in the industry!

They have set many criteria that a towel needed to fulfill. Finding the perfect balance between drying and absorption, as well as defining the thickness of such a towel, seems to be not that quiet easy! But after much testing and development, they’ve finally done it.

Simplicity is the reason why you won‘t find any odd pattern or decoration on the towels. They keep the towels modern and functional.


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