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NIFTYX Awesome Bracelet has come to the latest model, the Double Wrap.NAB has always be the most favorite products among their customers, they like the hand feeling, the touch, the way it disguises as a bracelet, of it.

They want to do beyond just these things. Thus they created a Double Wrap version. You can select your sizes, color and connector type(Lightning, Micro USB, Type C).

NIFTYX Awesome Bracelet - Double Wrap

NIFTYX Awesome Bracelet aka NAB offers you the most handy solution for the device charging. You no longer have to worry about leaving your charging cable behind & run out of juice when you are in emergency.

It is able to fast charge your devices to provide the fastest charging solution. And it also allows you to sync your devices as well so you can just carry our bracelets for most of the uses.

NIFTYX Awesome Bracelet - Double Wrap w Buckle(Add-on)


Pre – Order | $12