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Spark is the most versatile camera remote on the market. With three different modes of control, Spark was built to adapt to whatever situation you are shooting in. Whether you’re taking a fun group photo, capturing a long exposure of the stars, or settling down and setting up a time lapse, Spark gives you instant control. With your phone or without it.

Spark can communicate with your camera’s infrared sensor to command it to take a photo every time you press Spark’s button. This allows for easy group photos and selfies, without having to try to outrun your camera’s built-in timer.


If you’ve dreamed of capturing beautiful, sharp images in low light at night, Spark is made for you. The ability to trigger your camera without touching it allows for a perfectly still exposure, meaning even long shutter speeds come out crisp. So whether you are traveling to foreign landscapes, or trying to catch a family photo in fading light, you will be amazed at the photos you can take with Spark.



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