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The 35th Anniversary CURL follows the company’s original vision of green transportation. Integrated with 11 technical patents, it is not just a refinement of what has come before – it represents an almost total overhaul that completely changes the riding experience of folding bicycles.

The CURL’s entire frame and stem handlebar has been designed around strength and stiffness for both experts and giants. The combination of the exclusive pedal design high quality shifter and brakes also make for unsurpassed handling and control.

We all know that safety is a basic requirement in the design of any vehicle. And easy handling and responsive steering are especially important for folding bicycles, to take on the everyday demands of city riding or long range touring. The CURL has been designed with all the qualities of a performance bicycle – it can be ridden hard and fast and still deliver excellent stopping power, or is just as comfortable at a more leisurely pace where you can take in the scenery along the way.


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