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Discover @Lediamantdebb, creator of an innovative fashion accessory that embellishes the look of your little ones and more… a smart bandana, with a unique design of 360 degrees. All of the components are according to the oeko-Tex standards. The fabric used is thermo-regulated, antibacterial and fast drying. Everything has been created with the well-being of your children in mind.

BlandaDry Black&White
Bracelet Black&Fluorescent orange

BandaDry has a homogeneous 360 degrees design that will always remain comfortable, look good and absorbs liquids and fluids equally regardless of its position. You just have to choose what utility or style you want. Like baby clothes, bandanas get wet very quickly, and when they do, they lose their efficiency. Once wet, it takes quite a long ttime to dry and during that time the baby is vulnerable to catching a cold. You would need to carry tons of bandanas to keep up! Not much of an improvement is it? So we are back to square one – keeping your baby clean and dry.

360 degree design
BandaDry & Bracelets

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