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Day in, day out, your shower never changes. It gets the job done, and you’ve never given it a second thought. But what if it could evolve? What if your shower became an elevated experience that cleansed you faster, more efficiently and with cleaner water?

Don’t stop there – let’s say it also used 75% less water.

This is Cirrus, an innovative new shower system that introduces water-atomizing CloudMaker technology to bring you luxurious sensations, water savings, 13x more thermal efficiency and 10x more surface area coverage.

By turning your shower into a pressurized mist, Cirrus envelops your entire body in a cocoon of warmth. With a deluge of atomized water increasing surface area coverage 10-fold, every inch of your hair and skin is cleansed faster and more efficiently – while using drastically less water than a standard showerhead.

For the average household this 75% water reduction translates to over 15,000 Gallons of water saved per year. Not only does this mean that Cirrus pays for itself in less than 2 years – but the reduction of a Cirrus household’s environmental impact on water reserves is massive.

To push this industry innovation further, we built easily replaceable NanoFIlters into the Cirrus Core. These filters contain 3 layers of mineralized stones to filter impurities, reduce chlorine, and balance pH levels for a truly pure shower experience.

For complete invigoration, relaxation and well-being, choose from our aromatherapy NanoFilter blends infused with organic essential oils.

The best part? Cirrus is universal to any bathroom. Installation takes seconds – no tools, no complex directions, no hassle.

Cirrus is here to revolutionize your shower.


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