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The little black and white book project is a series of high contrast illustrations aimed at new born babies and toddlers.  Eyesight in young babies is limited for the first months of their life. Their eyes are fully developed, however, their brains are not yet mature enough to process all of the things they see.  So it is believed the most effective images for young babies to look at to help their development are high contrast shapes and patterns. And what could be more high-contrast than black and white?  Each book has 12 animals, in black and white, native to the specific region, with the name on the left hand page. I wanted to keep it super simple, clean, but fun. Something I would enjoy looking at as much as my little boy would.


They strongly believe in encouraging conscious consumerism where people and planet can benefit. Which is why 25% of thier profits will go directly to helping animal and conservation charities. Additionally, each book and paper product will be printed on FSC certified paper using soy ink.

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