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JOT is an undated, simplified method of combining planning tools for both your personal and professional life. From daily spreads, grocery lists and pages simply for doodling, it is designed to minimize the hassle of keeping up with our daily lives.  It’s the perfect planner for your everyday life.


The JOT Planner helps you capture everything that is necessary to track, remember and take action on.  Keep yourself organized and you’ll not only get more stuff done but you’ll do everything in a timely manner.  The JOT planner helps you manage your time properly which makes everything easier and quicker to do.  It’s a must have planner whether you’re a parent, millennial or someone who needs to get their sh*t together.

  • (1) Monthly Calendar Page
  • (1) Monthly Goal Page
  • (5) Weekly Pages
  • (35) Dailey Pages
  • (2) Bill Trackers
  • (3) Grocery Lists
  • (1) Little Black BookPage
  • (1) Logins & Passwords Page
  • (2) Blank Notes Pages
  • (2) Graph Notes Pages
  • (2) Lined Notes Pages





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