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Neemez are designed to advance the practice of creative thought by being a tangible, changeable object. Pieces can be used to build, design, and create things from monsters, to animals, to abstract sculptures. Children and adults can have fun and develop a wider imagination with these toys.  The only limit is yourself.  Kristen has been studying both graphic design and art education for the last 4 years. Much of her education has been searching for a way to combine these two fields. How can design inform child development and education in the arts?  After a few trial and errors, she’s ready to introduce Neemez to the world!



While NEEMEZ are advertised as these six original characters, the beauty of them is that they are interchangeable. You can take the same pieces that form a monkey and turn it into a spider or an elephant. You can take basic small pieces and see what kind of weird sculpture you can make. How big can it become? You can play with colors and design patterns. Or you can keep them as their original characters and treat them as collectables.



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