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Gorilla Bow is a revolutionary home and mobile gym that provides a full body workout with one simple, ultra-portable piece of equipment. By combining the ancient weapon, the bow, and cutting edge resistance band technology you can get fit and build muscle with dozens of exercises that work every major muscle group. Gorilla Bow easily adjusts to your exercise needs regardless of your skill level or fitness goal. The four resistance bands create anything from 5 lbs up to 200 lbs of resistance.



A critical benefit of elastic resistance is that it prevents the user from “cheating” on the Gorilla Bow Resistance Band Training exercise being performed. The physical properties of elastic resistance devices do not allow the user to cheat by using momentum. This is because the resistance from the elastic equipment comes from the stretching of the resistance bands and not the mass of the equipment. The only way to continue a movement while performing resistance band exercises is to utilize more muscle fibers in the exercising muscle to continue stretching the elastic material. This also helps prevent injuries from occurring.


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