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At some point in our life, everyone looks for that perfect leather bag. The bag that you will live with as you go to work, get coffee with friends, or discover the world. That bag needs to be the one. A simple extension of yourself that represents who you are and what you stand for. A cheap mass market bag that easily falls apart with wear and tear will only let you down.You need a bag that wears IN instead of wearing OUT. With rustic full grain leather that tells a story. With solid brass buckles, you can count on. You need a bag that feels like an old friend.


  • Sized to fit the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13”, iPad, iPad Pro, Kindle, or any other computer or tablet 13” or smaller.
  • 100% Full-grain 2-3mm thick cow leather from top to bottom, inside and out. The bags are NOT sanded or imprinted with fake textures. They include all the scars, scrapes and marks from the original hide, making each bag unique in grain and texture.
  • With plenty of pockets and inside space, this is the perfect versatile bag for taking with you on the go. Laptop bag, diaper bag, carry-on bag, this bag is for everyone.
  • Solid brass hardware. Their designs use non-breakable parts like halter clips, buckles, and rivets. The bags DON’T use snaps, zippers, magnets or other breakable parts.
  • They use a single continuous piece of belt leather with no seams or break points the entire circumference of the bag to make sure it stays securely closed when buckled.
  • The bags are coated in water-resistant wax.
  • Each bag is made by artisans on their staff that they personally know and support in Honduras. Not only are they are paid fair wages, but they are including them in each step as they build this business, teaching them how hard work, planning, goal setting and perseverance can bring an idea to reality. Additionally, each person they employee is committed to pursuing their education as well as using their free time to give back to their community.




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