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Charging cable is one of the most commonly used products in our daily life, but it’s far from perfect!

Most cables are prone to wear & tear, charge slowly, have confusing orientations, and don’t work over time. We are here to change that! Introducing the Super Cable.

Tech Brief

1. Patented Blind Plug Design. Easy to plug in and out. Say goodbye to the pain of plug failures.

2. Ultra High Strength. Contain DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber.

3. Express Charge. Faster than original Apple cable.

4. Lifetime Warranty. Super Cable will be the last cable you need to order for your iPhone.

5. MFi Certified.


Patented Blind Plug Design

Based on ergonomic research results, the upper side of USB plug is designed to fit the thumb tip perfectly. User-friendly design makes it super easy for users to determine the correct orientation of USB plug of Super Cable even in the dark.

Also, a much better touch experience makes users more willing to hold Super Cable in the correct orientation.

Easy to hold and plug:


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