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Along with the advancement of display technologies, resin printers now can be made with a cost close to FDM printers while maintaining a print quality much better than FDM printers. Bean is developed to meet consumers’ demand for a high performance, reliable, low-cost 3D printer.


With consumers in mind, they determined that the new printer must be compact and stylish. The green cover was designed to make it easier to be blended into an everyday environment. In line with the theme “green,” the Bean’s light source is made from LEDs, resulting in a greener energy consumption and longer lifetime. The two edges were rounded off to reflect the shape of a bean. In the end, they dubbed the printer the “Bean” to reflect the compactness and greenish qualities of the printer. (Internally, they nicknamed it Green Bean!) To bring the cost down, they combine their PSP technology with an ultra-high resolution LCD panel. With this came the birth of Kudo3D’s Bean 3D printer.


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