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Previously, they launched the Foldio projects to create a portable studio that allows anyone to take high quality photos. Thanks to your support, they successfully funded and delivered Foldio1 & Foldio2 to their backers..

From 3 years of experience creating the Foldio studio, they’ve learned that they have a lot of room for improvement. Now they are going to introduce their third Foldio project, the Foldio3 that’s upgraded immensely from their previous projects.




Bigger, but more compact design.  Current photo studios of similar size are designed to fold as a square shape. Because of this, they are difficult to carry around or store in a neat and compact way.  To overcome this issue, they created a new design for the Foldio3.  This design enables the Foldio3 to be compact when folded up whereas when it is opened, it transforms dramatically into a 25 inch x 25 inch studio.




Pre – Order | $109