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Many connected devices only save energy when their owners are involved. Take a smart learning thermostat for example. You have to continually train it until it knows your preferences and can optimize for savings. That’s fine and good, but what happens if you teach it bad habits or don’t take the time to teach it at all? Don’t we all want to save energy, even if we aren’t so efficient ourselves?

Enter Mistbox. Mistbox maximizes energy savings with no changes to your daily habits and no sacrificing your personal comfort. The result is proven savings, and you don’t have to change a thing. Simply install, track and save – it’s that easy. With Mistbox, you can go green and save green… the best of both worlds!



Mistbox commissioned Intertek, the largest tester of consumer goods in the world, to quantify Mistbox’s impact. Tests were performed in the same way SEER ratings are certified. Identical temperature and humidity conditions were used (with and without Mistbox) on a 3-Ton, 13 SEER Carrier system. Conditions were set and data was captured by an automated computer system. Results are below:



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