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History of Cafflano®

Cafflano®, founded in 2012, garnered coffee acclaim in 2014 when two successful Kickstarter campaigns, for Cafflano® Klassic All-in-one Portable Pour-over coffee maker and Cafflano® Kompact Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer, led Cafflano® products to over 70 countries.

Quality control and functionality have been the primary focus when they are designing and manufacturing Cafflano® products. The effort was recognized with Cafflano® Klassic and Kompact sweeping 8 international awards in all relevant markets; ①Coffee, ②Outdoor, ③Kitchenware and ④Gift/Gadget industries, including ‘2015 Best New Domestic Coffee Equipment’ award from Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), ‘2016 Best New Consumer Product’ award from SCAE, ‘Smart Label’ from Host Milan 2015, Italy, ‘Gold Winner’ from Outdoor Show 2016, and ‘Winner Award’ from ISPO 2017, Germany, to name a few.


Original design of Cafflano® Kompresso

Most portable espresso makers in the market use manual pneumatic compression (air-pump type compression), that, in many cases, is not able to retain the necessary high-pressure throughout the whole extraction process that takes around 25 to 30 seconds. Typical pneumatic compression uses air (or gas in some cases) that can be compressed easily and causes delays while transmitting power or force. In case of manual pneumatic compression, the air pressure can easily go down as it relies on a manual pump.
So, Beanscorp’s CEO, Hansang Yoon, who is the inventor of both award-winning Cafflano® Klassic and Kompact, developed a portable espresso maker that has a simple compact structure, yet can consistently amplify force to achieve over 9 bars of pressure for the tastiest espresso; hoping it would be an affordable espresso maker that could help anyone extract authentic espresso anytime, anywhere.

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