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After a good night’s sleep we feel refreshed and energised, ready to make the most of each day with a clear mind. That’s why we developed Dagsmejan sleepwear, a unique range of sleepwear designed for incredible sleep comfort all night, every night.

Sleep is one of the most powerful tools for a better tomorrow—we can literally sleep our way to becoming happier, healthier, smarter and faster. Sleep is key for our health and the right temperature is key for our sleep. With a super soft touch as well as unique moisture-wicking and temperature management properties, Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort.



The Dagsmejan sleepwear collection gives you total freedom of choice—you can mix and match all of our garments (styles, colours and sizes). Our sleepwear is made of Nattwell® fabric: 95% natural high-tech fibre based on Micro Modal for incredible softness and temperature and moisture management, and 5% elastane for optimal stretch, comfort and fabric recovery.




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