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The world’s first motion-activated soap dispenser night light! Brought to you by the inventors of illumibowl toilet night light.  illumiSoap is Motion-Activated & Only Turns on in the Dark.




  • Water Resistance designed to withstand everyday use
  • Works with all gel soaps (Clear or Solid color)
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries


illumisoap has been a labor of love. Ever since their first illumibowl Kickstarter campaign back in 2014 they have been hard at work to find new and exciting ways to help you upgrade your home and illuminate it 21st century style!

Through the prototyping process they had to experiment with many methods to effectively build a circuit board directly into a soap dispenser in such a way that allowed full motion sensor and led functionality while still looking aesthetically pleasing. It needed to be something sleek and sexy enough to still match your finely crafted bathroom & kitchen decor.



Pre – Order | $15