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One station for your daily routine.  The Public Radio will be the most straightforward device you own – and the easiest to use. It comes pre-tuned to a single station and has only one knob, to turn the radio on and adjust the volume. It’s that simple.  We’re used to having unlimited options these days, but radio is different. For us, there’s just one station we tune into throughout the day, whether it’s the local NPR affiliate or Top 40 hits. The Public Radio responds to this dedicated interaction. Sometimes, it’s nice when things are so simple.



Other details:

  • It’s easily re-tunable! This is kind of a secret, but it only takes a minute to re-tune your Public Radio in case you ever move. Instructions on their website, here.
  • 30+ hour battery life on two AA batteries. The Public Radio runs just fine off of rechargeable batteries too! The battery life depends on how loud you’re listening, and the type of batteries you’re using.
  • Fits any wide mouth mason jar. They like the look and sound of the half-pint jar that the Public Radio ships in, but you can always swap it out for something else! Larger jars make the radio a bit more bass heavy.



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