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Tools are designed to help solve our every day problems: measuring problems, furniture-assembling problems, bike repair problems, even an occasional bottle-opening problem. What separates a good tool from a great tool, though, is how well it does a job when it needs to be done; any tool is useless if its back home, downstairs or out of reach when you really need it.

Tuls are a family of compact, card-sized tools created to solve a range of everyday challenges, bundled in functionally complimentary sets that are thin enough to ride along in your wallet, bag or backpack. They’re a perfect backup, designed for those times when you can’t reach that tool you WISH you had. Tuls are water jet cut from 18 gauge stainless steel and titanium with permanent, laser-etched graphics. They’re versatile, precise and built to last.


Most compact tools we’ve met have the same problem: they promise too many functions without being able to perform any of them particularly well. Wrenches with minimal contact surfaces that strip on the first use, thin screwdrivers that bend, rulers that are too short. Tuls are ‘edited’ down to fewer functions, so that they can do each set of functions better. By fine-tuning them for repairing, making or travel, the result is a much more usable tool!


Righty tighty, lefty Lucy! Tighten a bolt with an expanded collection of common metric and standard wrenches, straighten a rim wobble with the spoke wrench, hold a 1/8″ hex bit, turn an idle screw on a carburetor, pry open a paint can or open a bottle to celebrate a job well done. For bikes, cars and the occasional Ikea furniture assembly job, Lucy is designed to fix, repair & assemble.




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