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The TREBLE HAMMOCK brings a whole new level of awesome to the hammocking industry! Being off the ground solves many outdoor comfort issues but that is only the beginning. Not only does the TREBLE HAMMOCK keep you off the ground but it does so in a way that cradles you in a zero gravity ergonomic position. This takes all the pressure off your lower back, knees, and ankles. Being propped up like in a recliner you will enjoy the view of your surroundings while feeling perfectly comfortable.


Treble Hammock Solutions to Hammocking Issues

 Cold Butt Syndrome- The Treble Hammock is designed to hold any ole blanket underneath. Just tuck it over the seat strap and the head strap where it will stay nice and snug to your backside keeping you warm and toasty.

Hyperextended knees- The adjustable seat strap lifts the knees.

Back Pain- Having the knees lifted takes all the pressure off your lower back.

Calf Pressure- There is no calf ridgeline like with standard hammocks.

Ankle Strain- By supporting the knees the seat strap has removed the weight off the legs thus taking the pressure off the ankles.

Limited View- During the day while in recliner mode the Treble Hammock will prop you up to see the world around you.

Worrying About Your Gear- Your gear will always be with you and within reach.  Safe from the elements, critters, and theft.   

Shoulder Squeeze- There is none…

Claustrophobia- you will have all the room you could ever want and then some.

Motion Sickness- The Treble Hammock will not sway.  The toe side will feel a slight bounce now and then.

Instability Fears- Being tensioned between three points the Treble Hammock is very stable and easy to roll in and to roll out of.

Sharing the Hammock- One of the best parts about the Treble Hammock is that you can share it without squishing into each other. Whether in recliner mode or sleeper mode the divider strap separates the hammock into two bunks.   Even if you don’t weigh the same you’ll still have your equal space.   

Finding Trees- Hammocking trees are very different than Treble hammocking anchor points. Treble hammocking anchor points can be anywhere from 10ft to 30ft apart and as low as 3ft off the ground.  And because the Treble hammock can be hung on an angle the toe side can be anchored straight to the ground.  The anchor points do not have to be in a perfect triangle either just lengthen one of the head side straps and the hammock will turn. This works best when trees are farther apart.

Weight Limits- The Treble Hammock is the answer for the big and the tall.

The comfortable height limit is 6’8” and the weight limit is 600lbs.  It’s built like a tank so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s going to break… It won’t.

Weight- The Treble Hammock was designed with priorities in mind. How much it weighs was priority number 5 following safety, comfort, full protection from the elements and multifunctionality.  The whole setup weighs 13lbs making it perfect for base camping



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