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There’s a glaring problem in the women’s clothing industry: clothes aren’t made to actually fit real women.  Did you know that two out of every three women are size 14 or larger? Yet only between 1% and 2% of all mainstream media portrays women of those sizes.  What’s more, the vast majority of all clothing designed and produced start out as a sample made to fit women between sizes 4 and 6. From there, most companies will simply “grade” their patterns up to larger sizes.


This team is attacking this major issue with a combined 80 years of experience. But what truly makes this project different is the way they’re going about the solution.  The first line is being made to sculpt to real women’s bodies. Every single piece is fit on each size of person in our range. They don’t simply grade up or down and cut based on guesses.  Real women have worn these clothes.  What’s more, they don’t use cheap material or stitching.  The fabrics in this line have been painstakingly manufactured specifically for these designs right here in LA.  And because of the collective’s vast experience, they knew to go the extra step and build in fail-safes in the very stitching. In each piece, they’ve added large seam allowances. Meaning, you’ll be able to take out or let in each piece you own over many years.  After all, real women’s bodies change. But their clothing doesn’t have to be tossed out when they do.  Finally, the ongoing goal for DNA is to think differently about how you look at your clothes. Instead of a random selection of various styles and qualities, they should all work together… and have lasting power for you.




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