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The majority of people love the Great Outdoors and one thing they found while enjoying their outdoor activities was finding a suitable place to put their drinks and snacks.  After becoming frustrated with the limited capacity of so many outdoor drink holders currently on the market, they decided to design one that fitted their needs and they believe the needs of so many other outdoor lovers.  They wanted a product that was tough, sturdy, versatile and efficient for their outdoor needs but didn’t weigh more than 3kgs……… the Aussie Outdoor Mates – Drink Mate was born.




  • Drink Mate made from mild steel and fully powder coated
  • Laser cut drink holder top, drink support and bottle opener
  • Spike on bottom shaft to drive it into sand or soil
  • Bowl and Ice bucket holders with pig tail to attach anywhere on shaft
  • Collapsible Bowls and Ice Buckets are a mix of hard and soft plastic
  • Bowls come with hard plastic lids
  • Zip up Black lightweight canvas bag for storage of Drink Mate
  • Screw on led light will be orange so it doesn’t attract bugs at night
  • Fold out foot stand for use on concrete, decking or even indoors
  • Fold out foot stand made from hard plastic and aluminium



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