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Summertime in Australia is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the sun in any way we can. Unfortunately, the downside to this enjoyment is sunburn and the ageing effects that comes from being in the sun, especially on our faces. Many people can’t use sunscreen on their faces due to certain skin conditions, and many others just don’t want to, especially if wearing make-up.

Over the years, they have found very non-creative ways to deal with this problem. They’ve used everything to lay on top of our faces, from T-shirts to books, magazines, towels, our arms, in fact whatever they can get their hands on! That’s why they developed – Shader.



Shader is perfect for men, women and children of all ages. Shader will lay flat when not in use, but will open up fully to cover your face, offering you shade and privacy. Shader also offers protection from wind and that troublesome sand that always seems to find a way to ruin your day.



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