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You’ll save hundreds, and soon thousands of dollars a year on natural household essentials as they launch more and more products every month. With Public Goods, you’ll get everything you need for your home and bathroom, with zero markup.

Their mission is simple: make healthy products affordable to everyone. They were tired of the feeling at the checkout counter and the tacky bottles at drugstores, many filled with harmful chemicals. So they started their own company, launched their brand, and decided to do things differently.





They sell all of their products to you, with zero profit! Imagine that. They only charge a small monthly membership fee.

The result is that they can deliver premium products at literally half the price of everyone else, saving you potentially thousands of dollars per year. And on Kickstarter only, they’re offering a lifetime membership for a single, one time fee. Once you become a member, you can choose which items you want from their line of natural products and get them at cost.



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