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Your feet are one of the most often overlooked and under appreciated parts of the human anatomy. Each foot has approximately 28 bones, 35 different joints, 120 ligaments, 20 muscles, and roughly 7,000 nerve endings.

They take care of you. So they’re giving the utmost attention not just on fashion, but on comfort, support, durability and using quality natural materials. Bringing you the best of both worlds in fashion and function.

Their shoes are made with genuine leather and other natural products used for comfort like cork that over time will form to the shape of your foot. So given some time, these shoes will have an honest custom fit specifically for your feet.


They found an Italian inspired factory that we love in Leon Mexico, known as the leather shoe capital of the western hemisphere. Their level of artistry and expertise goes back generations, and they produce some of the most beautiful leather goods we’ve ever seen. To this day they still do a vast majority of the work by hand. With excellence and craftsmanship being so important to us, it was a no-brainer.



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