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You may wonder why they are doing this? The reason is, they have been unloading most of our cash flow into marketing and trying to get the name out into this industry. They are roughly about $2000 short of our purchase order which will be due when production is finished (Around Late August). They need to reach this goal in order to fund the remaining watches. They thought about going to the bank and getting another loan but they are past that point. Nothing worth having comes easy. They take pride in working towards their goals and want to achieve this by genuine effort.


Their motto has always been, “The best watch for the price, guaranteed.” And now they mean it more than ever. They researched online to find a company selling a watch as good as theirs, with the same components for under $50, and they could not locate anything. And theres a reason for this. It is unheard of to see a watch, this high of quality for this price, companies cannot be profitable, and its understandable. At this price, we are not turning a profit, everything at this price includes the watch, shipping and taxes paid. Right now they are content where they stand and are more concerned with getting Castle watches onto wrists and in return, they can get this project funded and continue with the grind.



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