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The popularity of sledding is steadily increasing, even though it is still perceived as a peripheral sport. In our opinion this is mainly due to untapped potential and obsolete concepts of today’s sleds. Aroc has the ambition to create an attractive alternative to established winter activities like skiing. This is to be achieved, amongst others, with a clever design, which has already won two significant design awards (A’Design Silver Award and iF Concept Award).

Aroc is a racing sledge with a tiltable body and waisted runners, which allows the user to make carved and slided turns on the slope. The design makes its usage very convenient, since the agility of the construction makes steering easy and safe. The ergonomic position and the uniqueness of the steering process evoke an inimitable feeling while riding.


Aroc is the first sled of its kind that enables truly intuitive turns based on weight shifting. Unlike similar concepts, it really does allow carved turns and doesn‘t have to make compromises regarding the riding position and maneuvring principle. Therefore, the beginner experiences fun and easy access whereas the advanced user finds pleasure in compromiseless performance.




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