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HUDWAY Cast is a portable head-up display for your car to get directions, receive calls, texts and control your music in a safer and easier way. It works wirelessly with both iOS and Android devices: you always see your directions in your line of sight, while your phone acts as a quick-access control panel.


Head-up display (HUD) devices allow drivers to see directions and other critical navigation information right in front of their eyes.

HUDs have already made their way into the automotive industry, but mostly as a premium built-in option only a few can afford. Not to mention, these HUDs are programmed to display a very limited set of information preset by the vehicle manufacturer. And because of that, chances are — you will still be using your smartphone for navigation, especially if you prefer driving with Waze or Google Maps.

But when you use your smartphone as a navigation device — wherever you mount it, it will either block your view or make you look away from the road to check directions.



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